Τρίτη, 1 Ιανουαρίου 2008

Δίσκοι Μουσικής στο Χρόνο 2007

The drift - Scott Walker
The eraser - Thom Yorke
The coral - The Coral
Mlah -   Les Negresses Vertes
Tragic figures - Savage   Republic
Remember the future - Nektar
Modern lovers - The Modern   Lovers
Cleopatra grip   - Heart Throbs
Dummy -   Portishead
Astral weeks   - Van Morrison
Eligible bachelors   - Monochrome Set
This year’s   model - Elvis   Costello
Metal box   - Public Image   Ltd
Exit planet   dust - Chemical   Brothers
100th window - Massive Attack
Mercator projected - East Of Eden
Waterloo lily -   Caravan
Broken boy soldier - The Raconteurs
Charango -   Morcheeba
New gold dream - Simple Minds
Drawn from life - Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwalm
Portrait-robot - Bertrand Burgalat
The three E.P.'s - The Beta Band
Blumenkraft - Ott
Burning blue soul - Matt Johnson
The world we live in - Voice Farm
Zombie birdhouse - Iggy Pop
The proposition - Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
One man's treasure - Mick Harvey
The trees and the villages - Bron Area
A divina comedia - Mutantes
Big night music - Shriekback
Amnesiac - Radiohead
And did those feet - The Dancing Did
Philophobia - Arab Strap
Acquiring the taste - Gentle Giant
Nixon - Lambchop
Pathways and dawns - Peter Ulrich
Les retrouvailles - Yann Tiersen
El baile aleman - Senor Coconut
Minimum-maximum - Kraftwerk
In sides - Orbital
Supermodified - Amon Tobin
Zero to infinity - Gong
Who's next - The Who
Autoportrait - Mecano
Garlands - Cocteau Twins
Lifelike - Ui
Per un amico - Premiata Forneria Marconi
Door door - Boys Next Door
Seven secrets - Fruupp
Swimming - Names
The wedding - Oneida
A word to the wise guy - Wah!
Rain dogs - Tom Waits
Before Hollywood - The Go-Betweens
Long Term Physical Effects Are Not Yet Known   - Jay Jay Johanson
You all look the same to me - Archive
Nuevo - Kronos Quartet
New wave - The Auteurs
Grinderman - Grinderman
The boy with the arab strap - Belle & Sebastian
Holden interview - Tactics
Ok computer - Radiohead
Ph7 - Peter Hammill
( ) - Sigur Ros
El sexo sur-realista - Von Magnet
Khamu - C Cat Trance
Bon voyage - United Future Organization
A new stereophonic sound spectacular - Hoover
Ego tripping at the gates of hell - Louis Tillett
Caravanserai - Santana
Lateralus - Tool
New west motel - The Walkabouts
Meat is murder - The Smiths
One thing - Sylvia Juncosa
Under the flag - Fad Gadget
Valentyne suite - Colosseum
Exploring the axis - Thin White Rope
Mezzanine - Massive Attack
ΜΑΙΟΣ 2007
Locust abortion   techinician - Butthole   Surfers
Benefactor - Romeo Void
Flaunt the inperfection - China Crisis
The Invisible Band - Travis
Future -   The Seeds
Hoodoo man -   Birth Control
10 Mistakes - Gruppo Sportivo
Red Morning Light - Kings Of Leon
A tonic for the troops - Boomtown Rats
Q: are we not men? a: we are devo - Devo
Screamadelica - Primal Scream
Commercial album - Residents
The foley room - Amon Tobin
Horse stories - Dirty Three
Beatsongs - Blue Aeroplanes
Banquet - Lucifer's Friend
Grass & the wild strawberries - The Collectors
Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea - PJ Harvey
Heartbreaker - Ryan Adams
Toxicity - System Of A Down
Lacrimae Christi - South of No North
Funtime -   Yell -o-Yell
Both -   Scoria
The Vyllies - The Vyllies   *download
A body in a snare - Magic De Spell
Solenn visions   - Purple Overdose
Xero - Bokomolech
Underworld shakedown - The Last Drive
A way out - Anti Troppau Council
Silence interrupted - Cpt Νeφος
Destroy the presence of this world - Groove Machine
Random walk - Sigmatropic
Sun comes up - Common Sense
In the market - Closer
What a long, strange journey this has been - 2 By Bukowski
Montage fatal - Psycho
The Earthbound - The Earthbound
A ghost on the move - Villa 21
Liquid situation - Libido Blume
Will -o- the wisp - Will -o- the wisp
Grotesque - The Fall
On fire - Galaxie 500
Up the bracket - The Libertines
Life's hard and then you die - It's Immaterial
Doll hut - The Pontiac Brothers
Only life - The Feelies
Cansei de ser sexy - CSS
Dark continent - Wall of Voodoo
Et dieu crea la femme - The Times
Circus maximus - Momus
101 Damnations - Carter USM
Origin of symmetry - Muse
Caribbean sunset - John Cale
It takes a nation of millions to hold us back - Public Enemy
The fat of the land - Prodigy
Guilty - The Vibrators
Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables - Dead Kennedys
Lizard - King Crimson
Just a poke - Sweet Smoke
Life in a day - Simple Minds
Life - Inspiral Carpets
Sanctuary - Alexander Hacke
Cobalt blue - Michael Brook
Joined up writing - Anne Clark
The seance at hobs lane - Mount Vernon Arts Lab  
Acoustica - Alarm With Sound
Heartworm - Whipping Boy
Lamb - Lamb
Train leaves at eight - The Walkabouts
Debut - Bjork
Look Sharp! - Joe Jackson
Bang - World Party
Henk - The Nits
Pan eros - Glen Velez
Utopia - Amon Duul II
Intonarumori - Material
Half-mute - Tuxedomoon
Racing souls - Minimal Compact
Cover magazine - Giant Sand
Finally we are no one - Mum
Struggle for pleasure - Soft Verdict
Wonder van de liefde - Dirk Pollak
Curse of the pheromones - Startled Insects
Lifeforms - Future Sound of London
Come from heaven - Alpha
Superhits I - Max Raabe und das Palast Orchester
The crane wife - The Decemberists
Moss side story - Barry Adamson
If I die, I die - Virgin Prunes
Armageddon gigolo - Spiritual Front
Making bones - Red Snapper
Varchez - Mouse On Mars
Once in a blue moon - YO
You, the night...and the music - Gallon Drunk
Phantasmagoria - Curved Air
Camembert electrique - Gong
Medusa - Glan of Xymox
Cold seas - Hector Zazou
Sometimes i just can't get outraged over copyright law - Citizens of Sleep
Chill out - Black Uhuru
Hole - Foetus
Tabula rasa - Einstürzende Neubauten
Songs for the deaf - Queens of The Stone Age  
Elephant shoe - Arab Strap
Turn on the bright lights - Interpol
Vengeange - New Model Army
Magic and medicine - Coral
The smell of our own - The Hidden Cameras
Strawberry jam - Animal Collective
Shamal - Gong
Audio sonic love affair -The Dubrovniks
Field songs - Mark Lanegan
Heaven or las vegas - Cocteau Twins
20 jazz   funk greats - Throbbing Cristle  
Secondhand daylight - Magazine
Daydream nation - Sonic Youth
Lark's tongues in aspic - King Crimson
Black acetate - John Cale
Felt mountain - Goldfrapp
Discovery - Daft Punk
An electric storm - White Noise
801 Live - 801
16 Lovers lane - The Go-Betweens
Deserter's songs - Mercury Rev
Playing with a different sex - Au Pairs
The glitterhouse - Medium Medium
Process of belief - Bad Religion
Counterfeit - Martin L. Gore
Many in high places are not well - Him
Maxinquane - Tricky
Murder ballads - Nick Cave
Dance of fire - Aziza Mustafa Zadeh
Pawn hearts - Van Der Graaf Generator
Darwin! - Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso
Ritualism - Radio Birdman
Curtains - Tindersticks
13 - Blur
The honeymoon is over - The Cruel Sea
Birds of fire - Mahavishnu Orchestra
Cressida – Cressida
Westworld - Theatre of Hate
One by one - Minimal Compact
The trick to life - The Hoosiers
Generation sans futur - Art Zoyd
Mister heartbreak - Laurie Anderson
Original sufferhead - Fela Anikulapo Kuti
Legend - Bob Marley and the Wailers
Everybody loves a happy ending - Tears for Fears
Heart of darkness - Positive Noise
Preverted by language - The Fall
The repulsion box - Sons and Daughters
Black ships at the sky - Current 93
Hamburger concerto - Focus
Der westen ist einsam - Abwarts
Bande a part - Nouvelle Vague
Vista - Flue
Giant - The Woodentops
The one thing I ever wanted - Psapp
Songs in the key of life - Stevie Wonder
Bitches brew - Miles Davis